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Monday, June 04, 2007

Came across this concept which has been doing quite a few rounds online "NET NEUTRALITY" (naturally, freedom of the net has to be discussed first on the net)

And what was a freaking co-incidence was that, since this was the first time I am trying to embed some video on my Blog, i tried checking some tutorial on blogdrive... and even the tutorial use  the same video(same concept) as his demo piece ... DEMO

Basically, this movement is to oppose the seeming tyranny of corporate officials of AT&T, Verizon and other Cable (Internet service providers) who are trying to build a customized version of the internet.... customization over the internet ??!! Basically, it is like yahoo or msn who offer us specific content over their web-page or you can find a easier relation with your T.V or Radio channels which offer you a specific content at a specific time.

If you didn't find anything amiss... just watch the video to understand the implications on our life ....

Posted at 10:10:10 am by Deepak


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