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The differance...
Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"Time is the best teacher, but unfortunately, it kills all of its students - Robin Willams                           "Gravity however potent it be... still cannot be responsible for people falling in love... it takes something even more poetic.


Overhead from IIMB's interview by one of my friends(himself an IIMB Grad).

The proffessor was a economic sude(lingo for brilliant) and was interviewing a candidate who had 2 years experience at ONGC(OIL and Natural Gas Company). So, in between the personal interview the professor wanting to test the candidate on the basics asks casually, "So tell me the differance between drilling and boring?"

Suddenly taken aback by such a trivial question, the candidate within a blink of an eye replied; "Sir, you are drilling me and I am boring you"



WHAT a presence of mind :)

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Shantaram: A Novel
By Gregory David Roberts

Posted at 10:10:10 am by Deepak

June 15, 2007   03:19 PM PDT
Wow.. one to start on his M.B.A journey and the other one finished his .
June 15, 2007   02:16 PM PDT
Yeah, I am a graduate from SIBM
June 15, 2007   01:23 PM PDT
Brilliant... absolutely amazing.
Still half-way.. but the book is really gripping
June 14, 2007   09:52 PM PDT
Good one!
And thanks for visiting my blog! Yeah... I know...its been dormant for quite a while.... Should start posting some good ones.

Btw, how do you find Shantaram?

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