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Spot the difference
Sunday, June 03, 2007

The difference between Bangalore and Chennai


Bangalore : The sea of Machines


Note: These above pics have been taken at 11 pm, enroute to my office ( I was struck for almost 30 mins in the Bangalore heat and traffic)

Chennai : The sea of People


Note: These pics have been taken outside the greatest man-magnet ever created in Chennai – SARAVANA stores. You should check the crowd during festival times, would definitely give Tirupathi a run for it's money.


How can night riding be dangerous in Chennai :


The leading political wing, decides that it was some auspicious time to start celebrating and then close off most of the main roads, decorating all of these with flashy lights (see the inset taken atop the Saidapet bridge, where you can see a long line of bulbs which glow brighter than the Night Lamps), incidentally the sources for these victory displaying bulbs were drawn from the Street lamps causing them to glow dimmer and making a huge strain upon the poor vehicular folks.


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Create ur External HDD for Dummies
Saturday, May 12, 2007

                             DefaultDo It Yourself Making an External Hard Drive Guide

If you're looking for some extra external storage for your notebook you could go out and buy a ready made USB or FireWire external 100GB hard drive for around 5,000 Rs, or you could more cheaply and quite easily make your own portable external hard drive by buying an enclosure and "naked" hard drive and slapping them together for around 3,000 only.  Furthermore, instead of chucking away that old 40GB notebook hard drive you just upgraded you can read this guide and see how to easily use it as an external hard drive for data backup.

What you'll need 

  1. A 2.5" hard drive of your choosing (naked, no     enclosure) – SEAGATE 80 GB (3,000/-) comes with a static shield bag without     much else    
  2. An enclosure to put the hard drive in and that will     connect to your laptop via USB/FireWire and interface with the hard drive.(     I brought some local brand called ENTER ??!! – 80/-) came shrink     wrapped with a carrying pouch, 4 mounting screws, 6 case screws, a "Y" type     USB cable, a jewelry screw driver and a mini-CD with driver software in case     you need that.

the enclosure (left) and hard drive (right) ingredients, just mix togther ... DON'T add water! (view large image)

The DIY(Do it yourself) part
Calling this a DIY project is somewhat stretching the term, it is as simple as can be.  Like adding milk to your cereal (only here you close the milk afterwards and plug it into your notebook)
Step 1: Using the jewelry screwdriver, unscrew the 2 enclosure screws in the back panel of the enclosure and remove the back panel.
Step 2: Slide out the PCB (Printed CircuitBoard), on which our hard drive will be mounted.
Step 3: Attach the Hard Drive to the 44-pin connector of the PCB.
the HD attached to the connector (view large image)
the mounting screws in place (view large image)

Step 4: Fix the Hard Drive in place with the 4 mounting screws on the underside.( if existing)
Step 5: Slide the Hard Drive that is now attached to the PCB back into the enclosure and fix the back panel back in place and put the two screws back in tightly.

That's all there is to it!  Any enclosure will provide instructions and may of course differ a bit, but will never be much more complicated than this -- and possibly even easier.

Assuming you have Windows XP you don't need to install any of the drivers that were included on the mini CD.  If you want to initialize and partition the a new hard drive, use Windows XP built-in Disk Management.  There are a few ways to get to that, the quickest is by typing clicking Start > Run and type in "diskmgmt.msc".  The Windows Disk Management snap-in will open.

Now here is the important part :-
1) Select the Drive whichever is visible(it shall be Drive-1) mostly.
2) Then Right click and choose option as format, or in "Actionsà All Tasks"
3) Select Primary partition, and then assign it as NTFS(I think this shall be the only option), then assign a Partition name.
4) Click FINISH .. voila , your external hard-disk is ready.

I have two important tips to add to these steps above:

  1. First make sure you have a clean tidy surface to work on, those screws are awfully small and will go missing in the blink of an eye.    
  2. Second, before you start, discharge any static electricity in your body by touching something made of metal and handle the Hard Drive only from the sides.  Avoid touching the bottom exposed circuit of a Hard Drive or the exposed circuits of the enclosure.

Check out the H/W performance tool www.hdtune.com for additional benefits

Tinkeringly yours,

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Are you being Stalked ??!!
Friday, February 16, 2007

"Put all your eggs in the one basket and WATCH THAT BASKET- Mark Twain                            "Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed.

          Just as the moonlight slivers across the neon effervescence of the pavement lights, you walk squinting across the sporadic shimmering gleam of automobiles scattering across leaving almost the rest of the road and the rest of the time all alone... All alone with you.

          You clutch across your overcoat, as dark as the night that surrounds you; feeling the chilly wind that leaves behind a warm trace of fog clouds along your breath that fades away from your body, these white vapors once again merge within the cacophony of black.
          Shutters close across, jus as you walk by... but the billboard of Üpidi Upahar still gleams, announcing that it wouldstill serve anyone who walks past it, anyone with money enough to fill a bowl, anyone who feels the DARKNESS withinhim.

"The Darkness:" Eons of scientific research and painstaking labor has gone across from the stone age till the sillicon era to lead thy man from darkness to light, from ignorance till awareness (an awareness of self-existence) But till now, none have found the solution to this darkness which torments our souls throughout the day; these spirits enmeshed within our bodies so firm and so long, that allusions to them and ourselves are never made apart but only as the beauty of a butterfly or as chill within ice.... "THE PANGS OF HUNGER", they live within us in aSymbiotic relationship:
          As long as you keep on feeding it, you shall remain alive. And sometimes, it is it's evil twin brother the temptations of the tongue (ToT) who would definitely do you in. And so was the same ToT that i had for the swirling spaghetti striped MUSHROOM Noodles, that just made me come back and forth as a Yo-Yo into this restaurant.
          Having entered the restaurant i ordered the same mouth-watering delicacy mentioned above along with the usual Mosambi juice...the lubricant to fill in the spaces left between those straps of wheat, giving you a sweet sensational high after an equally spicy mushroom.
          Till now, the sequence of events were monotonic to the extent of how much juice i drink to the extent of remaining food,exchanging furtive glances at the lovely ladies who grace their presence adding spice to the existing mixture. And then comes this unexpected twist in our story... (In case you still are reading; I am sure you shall find this interesting) In short a MEET CUTE*

Suddenly out of no-where comes this guy, a Lil Konfused Black guy ...
LKB: Nice Watch (Drolling over)
(After the initial round of getting offended, I had to look back in a slight approval notice)
LKB: Yeah nice jacket too...(Now this was looking way to suspicious... I mean come on, either he has to be a fashion designer or a freak)
LKB: So, you are working in HP is it.. that is cool, I mean one of my cousins is also working in it..
(yeah nice piece of work sherlock, after all the Brand overdosing upon my Jacket should have given it off)
LKB:Hi I am Mahish, working at Bangalore..So how about u ? which office, how do you travel, where, when, etc etc
(Seriously, this guy must be competing for becoming my Father-in-law)
All, the while I started getting suspicious.. something tingled, something was not right... and then it hit me !!
Here were everyone eating from their plates and this guy was jus fiddling across with a Mug of water !!! He was definitely not here for FOOD, and neither did he look like he was here waiting for any other person, so definitely here was a stalker at last.
But what could be his motives ?? No matter how twisted my mind contemplates, i am still at loss for the reason.

And then, jus as I am about to leave, the jack of hearts tries to get his best act ready....Hands over a Card, which jus mentions his name and Business consultant (No company name, and no address or contact)
LKB: So, let me have ur Number. I shall call you later !
Myself: Why ?
LKB: You know, we can keep in touch and stuff ..(This is where I had to push him off)
Myself: DUDE .... ARE U GAY ?
with the last scorn in my lips I left behind this guy baffled... when the Hunter became the hunted.

p.s: Jus as a caution of notice, there are people existing who are stalking people at such ludicrous places; though their motives are baffling still it would definitely be better to be on the better side than giving your contact numbers to some lunatic.I was forewarned by a few of my friends before, but never believed their stories until my own personal experience. Though for the past few days, my mind has been restless trying to establish a motive behind these approaches but overall I figure it is pure GAY stuff, rather distressing but helps keep things in focus !! I mean it would all make sense if this guy was a marketing agent trying to sell Airtel cards or stealth-wear for all I care. And seriously, why a GUY ??!! maybe a gal would create a Hullaboo ... DAMN we men are all silent victims :(


*MEET CUTE : During a "meet-cute", scriptwriters often create a humorous sense of awkwardness between the two potential partners by depicting an initial clash of personalities or beliefs, an embarrassing situation, or by introducing a comical misunderstanding or mistaken identity situation. Sometimes the term is used without a hyphen (a "meet cute"), or as a verb, as in "to meet cute."

Posted at 10:10:10 am by Deepak
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